SML / 에스엠엘 건축사사무소

형태는 가능성을 따른다.

 구축은 가능성을 담는 작업이다. 가능성은 일반적으로 형태와 공간구성으로 시각화하여 드러나지만, 재료의 질감과 색상, 때로는 미세한 빛과 소리의 떨림에서 느껴지기도 한다.
 우리의 작업은 주어진 조건에서 고정된 생각없이 가능성을 발견하고 구축된 이후에 담길 가능성을 세심하게 접목시켜 화합물을 만드는 것이다. 관성화된 요소에 대해 질문하고, 대안을 제시하거나, 때로는 극적 반전을 꾀한다. 환경적 조건, 과학적 이론, 공간과 기능, 사회·인문적 요소 등의 관계를 설정하고, 상호작용에 대해 고민하여 가능성을 내재한 건축을 구축한다.

Form Follows Possibility.


 Building is a work to put possibility. Possibility comes to by visualizing form and space configuration, but sometimes we can feel it from texture and color of material and sometimes from minute light and vibration of sound.
 Our work is to discover possibility without fixed thinking under given condition and make compounds by carefully connecting possibility after setting up.
Questioning on inertia factor, suggesting alternative plan or trying to find dramatic reversal. Setting up relations such as environmental condition, scientific theory, space and function and social · humanistic factor, concerning on interactions and building architecture inherent possibility.

SeungMo Lim

임승모 / 대한민국건축사 KIRA,  Principal

                서울시공공건축가, 서울시마을건축가. 인천서구공공건축가

2017 -               SML

2014 - 2016     Massstudies
2008 - 2014     Changjo Architects


2018.12      Seoul Yunjung Elementary School Gymnasium & Kindergarten Competition,

                    Seoul Nambu District Office of Education / 1nd Prize

2018. 7      Narakium Songpa Building Competition, Kamco / 2nd Prize

2018. 4      Nanum Center Competition, Seongdong-gu / 2nd Prize

2017.10     2017 American Architecture Prize, USA / Winner in Interior design 

2016. 4       A’Design Award & competition, Italy / Gold Prize

2013. 6       Hotel The Designers Competition, Hotel The Designers 
2013. 5       Public Design Competition, Seoul Metropolitan Government / Encouraging Prize
2013. 1       Saemangeum Landmark Competition, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs / 3rd Prize

2012.12      The 1st Cheonggye Christmas Tree International Contest. Korea / Cheonggye Tree Prize
2012. 9       Jeju Public Design Competition, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province / Encouraging Prize
2012. 1       GEAP International Competition, Korea Architects Institute / Selected Work


2011. 6       Gumi-si Public Design Competition, Gumi-si / Silver Prize
2011. 5       Yangcheon Public Design Competition, Yangcheon-gu / Selected Work
2011. 2       GS Caltex Competition, Changjo Architects / 1st Prize


2010.11     Incheon City Design Competition, Incheon Metropolitan City / Encouraging Prize
2010.11     Incheon City Design Competition, Incheon Metropolitan City / Selected Work
2010. 8      Gyeonggi-do Public Design Competition, Gyeonggi-do / Selected Work
2010. 7      Wood Facility Design Competition, National Forestry Cooperative Federation / Gold Prize


2009. 8     Beautiful Design Jungnang Competition, Jungnang-gu / Encouraging Prize
2009. 6     Urban Railway Traffic Environment Design Competition, Seoul metro / Bronze Prize


2008.10    Seoul Design Competition, Seoul Metropolitan Government / Honorable Mention
2008. 7     Incheon International Design Fair, Incheon Metropolitan City / Selected Work
2008. 4     Korea Design Exhibition, Korea Institute of Design Promotion / Specially Selected Works
2008. 2     Kyung Hee University Graduation Exhibition, Kyung Hee University / Excellence Award


2007.11   Gyeonggi Architectural Award, Korean Institute of Architects, Gyeonggi-do / Selected Work
2007.10   Gyeonggi Architecture Culture Award, Gyeonggi-do / Bronze Prize
2007. 5    Daeho Architecture Competition, Ultra Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. / Excellence Award


2018.  3   Exhibition, The Firsts in Korean Architecture, ADIK Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2018.  2   Architecture Magazine, GARM Issue 06, Flooring

2017.  7   Young Architects Program 2017 Nominees, MMCA, Seoul, Korea

2016.12   Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing Conference, New Delhi, India
2016.11   Shenzhen International Industrial Dedign Fair, Shenzhen, China
2016.10   Grand Design Exhibition, Bologna, Italy
2016. 9    Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing Conference, Mumbai, India
2016. 8    Award Winning Dedigns Exhibition, Kerkrade, Netherlands
2016. 6    The Exhibition of Winning Designs, Como, Italy
2016. 3    Interior Magazine, Interiors No.354, Ga-in Design Group
2016. 3    Interior Magazine, Interior Design Volume 87, Interior Design Media, US
2016. 2    Interior Magazine, MARU Vol. 167, CApress


2014. 9    Architecture Magazine, SPACE No.562, SPACE Magazine

2013. 5    Public Design Competition, Seoul Metropolitan Government, DDP, Seoul, Korea

2012.12   The 1st Cheonggye Christmas Tree International Contest, Cheonggye Plaza, Seoul, Korea

2010. 8    Gyeonggi-do Public Design Competition, Kintex, Goyang, Korea

2008.10   Seoul Design Competition, Seoul Design Olympiad 2008, Seoul Sports Complex, Korea
2008. 6    Korea Design Exhibition, Korea Institute of Design Promotion, Gyeonggi-do, Korea